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I was born in 1989 and grew up in small-town Kansas. At a young age, I became focused on art and music that distanced me from my small community trappings, focusing then on pushing my creative boundaries as an outlet from an community that didn’t understand me.

Post-high school, I split my time up between school and touring the Midwest playing music, and in 2012 I graduated from Hutchinson Community College with an Associate's of Arts. Following that up, I attended Full Sail University with a focus in Creative Writing, graduating as Valedictorian in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

When I was young, one of the most exciting discoveries I had was finding my dad's sketchbook and being inspired to create something of my own. Early into finding my technique was abandoning the atypical "fine art" approach in lieu of something more chaotic and cathartic. What you see now is a result of that progression.

My first foray into being a published creative was in 2014, where my short story "Sanctum" was published in the Jetstream comic book anthology. Over the next few years, I hacked away at the keyboard writing video game reviews and educational papers while continuing to push my musical and artistic boundaries. In 2016, my piece "The Clown Prince" was published in the Mein Drumpf zine, and in 2017, I was published in the Ello & Dribbble book Make Good for my piece "Coral Ancestor." All proceeds from those books went to the charity All Hands and Hearts.

2017 was a year of monumental growth for me, both musically and artistically. Along with starting Snakehound, writing and recording an album, and heavily playing shows, I found myself creating album artwork that challenged me more than any other art I had done to date.

In September 2018, the pieces "Leonine" and "Whisperer" were featured at the Jones Gallery, and in October 2018, I had an artist showcase featured at Jones Gallery.

In January of 2019, the series “Apprehensia” was published in Photo Session Magazine quarterly.